A Gathering of Business Movers & Shakers

Collaboraction is not a seminar, a workshop or a conference… it’s an experience that combines making connections with some great people, sharing groundbreaking ideas and amazing ‘tried and tested’ solutions.

This is no ordinary business networking event…

CollaborAction is an invitation to let yourself be free for a day and explore with like-minded people, it’s a conversation and an opportunity to re-experience the way you do business.

It’s a time and place where you can have fun and gain exposure to fresh perspectivesdifferent business insights, an abundance of resources and excellent solutions you can’t experience anywhere else - in one day!

  • Have you said to yourself “I am just drowning with all that I have to do and keep up with?”
  • Do you wonder if you are making the right choices and wish you could find that expert who would help you to process decisions, or offer a different perspective?
  • Are you wrestling with the same old infuriating issues, or been desperately trying to achieve a specific goal for weeks/months, without success and the necessary team or resources you need?
  • Have you reached a plateau in your personal life or business, where you’re not sure what you really want, who to ask or where to get the support you need?

An intensely rewarding and refreshing way to do business…

No time is wasted at CollaborAction events, you don’t need an elevator pitch, there aren’t any presentations, promotions, awkward introductions or ‘selling’. This isn’t a networking or masterminding event, although you will experience familiar aspects during the day.

Whether you’ve been in business for some time or just starting out – chances are you have experienced, overcome and rejoiced in several situations and circumstances – the same or similar challenges and opportunities that others are facing right now.  

There is no telling what can happen when you are making new friendships with high-level, accomplished business owners in an environment designed to be the catalyst to make an even bigger difference not only in your business - but in your life too!

Your accelerated shortcut to experience awaits…

As you are guided through the step-by-step CollaborAction process, connecting with several other business owners, throughout the day you quickly discover that you’re not alone and that you have more influence, worldly wisdom and value than you had previously thought: An experience that boosts energy and confidence, which is compelling.