Leesa Daymond with Ayrton Senna

Leesa Daymond

Having travelled the world extensively working with high performance F1  Teams, Leesa Daymond is an entrepreneur with an extensive bio, including MD of a leading Enterprise Agency (supporting 4,000 SME’s) a Start-Up Incubation Centre and a Business Training Academy, delivering several innovative projects, as well as running a number of her own successful businesses and creating an online barter scheme with a unique e-currency for UK small businesses.

I believe that the difference between us crashing as a humanity and civilisation, or enjoying a rewarding, generous and bountiful life is our ability to connect, collaborate, share and engage, plus get into action!

My mission is to cause a shift in the way we do business with each other replacing competitiveness and self interest by focusing on a different profitability that comes by working together, collaborating, sharing our invaluable experience and making the most of the resources we have.

Right now, it all starts with the CollaborAction Community and what we are doing with individuals, teams, professionals, businesses and communities, we have begun to expand our reach to other parts of the UK, Europe and the World as we begin to address some of the most worrying economic and environmental issues by promoting collaborative productivity and value exchange in business and the wider community.